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NEOGEO X is Confirmed



Confirmed today Tommo Inc and BLAZE will be releasing a Limited Edition NEOGEO Handheld for Worldwide sale Q2 2012. The NEOGEO X will be released following the 20th anniversary of the NEOGEO AES console. Coming with 20 built in NEOGEO classic titles, the NEOGEO X also comes equipped with various things we have seen from other handhelds including a SD card expansion, a 3.5” LCD screen, A/V output, internal stereo speakers and a headphone socket.

NEOGEO fans could get hours of enjoyment with it’s pretty decent list of games. The thing about the NEOGEO X is the price points that are currently going around for the product sound a bit zany. £500 which is basically $783 USD seems a bit steep for nostalgia, and although the economy is doing great right now, that price doesn’t really see it very competitive with the 3DS, VITA, and iPad. Maybe the X in the name means this is the first handheld with mutant powers.


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