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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Released


Go buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Golfing Fans

Release date: 2nd July 2010
Publisher: EA Sports
PEGI rating: 3

It’s that time of year when Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf is released and this year’s version promised to be bigger and better than last. The latest iteration of the popular series includes a number of improvements, including the support of the Wii MotionPlus and the forthcoming PS3 Move, making the experience much more accurate and immersive.

The actual mechanics of gameplay have been improved in three ways. Firstly, an experience system has been added so that you can upgrade your golfer’s attributes at appropriate points or purchase Pro Shop equipment.

Secondly, a new Focus meter awards the player with extra features, Boost, Spin Control and Putting Line Preview. The limited amount of Focus available means that there is a tactical element to the game in the use of these extra abilities.

Finally, in an attempt to emulate real-life golf, True Aim has been introduced. This leaves the camera firmly behind the golfer once the shot has been taken and makes it harder for any mid-air spin control adjustments.

The Ryder Cup finally makes an appearance in Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, allowing 12 vs 12 online multiplayer action.

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