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Just Dance Review

Just Dance is, as the title suggests, a dancing game, made available exclusively on the Wii. The premise of the game is to copy the movements of the on-screen dancer – represented by just a silhouette – while holding a Wii remote. The player is then scored according to how well they dance. And that’s pretty much it!

The simplicity of the game is not only it’s biggest strength, but also the largest downfall. There are 32 different tracks, most of which are the original artist recordings, ranging from Calvin Harris to New Kids On The Block, from Iggy Pop to the Spice Girls. However all of the tracks are available from the beginning. There is no reason to improve your dancing or replay the game – you can’t even download additional tracks. Therefore the longevity of the game is somewhat limited. The method with which the Wii detects your motion is a little suspect too – how can it tell how well you dance from the motion of one Wii controller?

Just Dance ReviewThe other main criticism is in the actual presentation of the game. The menus are bare and unimaginative and there’s no real options to speak of. There are two other game styles (a multiplayer elimination mode and Strike A Post mode) which might add an extra 10 minutes of gameplay!

Just Dance is casual gaming at it’s most basic and some would argue it is what the Wii was designed for. With up to 4 players at once, this is great for post-pub entertainment, but there is no challenge or achievement in the game. Perhaps the sequel. scheduled for release Autumn 2010, will listen to these criticisms and produce a better game.

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Reviewed by Andy on 08 July 2010

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