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Red Dead Redemption
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Red Dead Redemption Review

Although not a direct sequel, Wild West adventure Red Dead Redemption is set in the same game world as Rockstar’s previous game, Red Dead Revolver. Red Dead Redemption (RDR) is an open-ended game, allowing the player to freely explore the American Old West as protagonist John Marston while hunts down his old gang members.

The open gameplay and large playing area leaves the player to choose their path through the game – as well as the main plot there are plenty of subplots and random events that can occur. Animal attacks, public hangings, drive-by shooting and encounters with complete strangers can all impede Marston’s progress. However, optional activities like gambling and animal hunting can provide rewards.

A rating system is used to score the player’s performance, and these can affect the outcome of events or non-player characters within the game. Both “fame” and “honor” are measured and are changed by your actions, e.g. shooting an outlaw instead of bringing him in alive will lower your honor, or defending a town when a gang on horseback ride into town can boost your fame.

A variety of weapons are available to take out your foes, including guns, lassos, knives and explosives. The combat system is brilliantly handled by the game’s AI, generating unique reactions to your attacks which add to the already outstanding game environment. You are able to target inidividual body parts of enemies, allowing you to disabled them rather than kill them, and a “Dead Eye” system provides a way to slow down the game so you can target more precisely or fire several shots rapidly.

There is also an online multiplayer mode in RDR. Up to 16 players can battle it out in the game world and there are several types of multiplayer mode available including Gold Rush, where you have to keep as many bags as possible, and a deathmatch style Shootout which can be played individually or in teams.

Graphically the game is near-cinematic in quality. The depth of detail is astounding and even a task a simple as riding a horse is breathtaking. The dialogue is witty and the sound effects are spot-on. Sure, every now and again you can feel the game’s origins as the physics feels a little Grand Theft Auto, but the sheer size of the game and the effortless segue between plot and free-action allows us to forgive that.

Surely Red Dead Redemption must be a Game of the Year contender. With this amount of gameplay plus extra missions via downloadable content, this will be one game you’ll be coming back to time and time again.

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Reviewed by Andy on 02 July 2010

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